How do I create ruled lines in Word 2007?


My aim is to set up Word to use the ‘Cornell Notetaking method’, and I would like to be able to have ‘ruled lines’ as part of my page in word.

Currently, I have a split textbox, however obviously this does not allow the text to flow between lines. The underlining method does not work well enough, and I had read something about a college ruled template, however I was not able to find that.

So is there any solution at all – by either creating lines in the textbox, or making the text flow between textbox rows?

Asked by tobeannounced


You can try using tables.

Create tables and then using table properties set the border to only cell bottom. You can play with the row height property until you find the size you are looking for.

You can also use this template from Microsoft.

Answered by drpcken