How to get time difference as minutes in Excel?


I have time values in two cells in an Excel sheet and I need the difference of
the times in minutes.

The cells in the Excel are like below:

   A        B        C
1  6:38     8:23     1:45:00

A is the start time
B is the end time
C is the time difference (B1-A1) which is displayed in hh:mm:ss format

A and B cols are formatted as custom hh:mm and cell C is formatted as custom hh:mm:ss.

But I need to get in the value in cell C1 as 105 instead of 1:45:00.

Could you please help in displaying time only in minutes and giving the right format?

Asked by Identifymecnu


Just set the cell to be shown in numerical format and it will show a decimal number.

The integer part corresponds to the date value (i.e. the day) and the decimal part to the time of the day.

If you multiply the numerical value of 1:45 (which is 0,07) by 24×60 (the number of hours in a day and the number of minutes in an hour) you will obtain the value in minutes of your cell (105).

Answered by Pablo Rodriguez