Incorrect Windows 7 “No Internet Access” notice


In Windows 7, I have a WiFi network that shows up with a warning icon overlay and the “No internet access” description as shown in this image:

No Internet Access

The other network shown there is a VirtualBox VM, and is expected to show that way.

Plainly, this notice is wrong as I have been browsing with that connection all afternoon and used it to post this question.

What makes this message come up, and how can I make it go away?

Asked by Joel Coehoorn


I think I figured this out. In the “Internet Options” control panel applet there’s a “Lan Settings” dialog with a “Autodetect proxy settings” checkbox. Unchecking that seems to have helped things.

Update A much better explanation of what is going on can be seen here:

Answered by Joel Coehoorn