iPhone sync with iTunes stuck on “Waiting for items to copy”


I’m having a problem with iTunes where syncing my iPhone ends up seeming to basically finish, but it says “Waiting for items to copy” after everything else, and just stays there for… well, a very long time, if I let it. I’m not sure this is always the case, but at the moment, it’s doing this while “Syncing Genius Data to [my iPhone] (Step 8 of 8)”.

If I click the little x in iTunes, it then gets stuck on “Canceling sync”, for an equally indefinite sort of period.

If I simply unplug the phone, everything seems to be synced and happy, but the next time I sync, it happens again.

I presume this is a bug of some sort on Apple’s part, but it seems like people have found workarounds. I’m just having trouble tracking one down that

  • is well described enough that I can actually follow it
  • has enough detail that I can do it without losing data, i.e. tells me path names that I might want to copy first, or the like, before telling me to remove something. Note: see also the first point — I can’t remove it if it’s telling me to remove something that I don’t know where it is!, and
  • otherwise seems sane
Asked by lindes


I ran into the exact same issue. after three failed syncs, I did a factory reset of my ipod touch, rebooted the computer, checked for an update from Apple. There was actually an update (I’m not sure what the version number was) and after installing the update the issue was corrected.

Answered by tjd802