Is there a list available of good Inkscape tutorials?


Inkscape seems to be a great open source software to draw and create vector graphics.

Now, I would like to learn more how to use it and I would like to ask you to list here good tutorials and articles that helped you in learning Inkscape.

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There are some truely amazing tutorials available from

Here is a list of those that I have noticed, in no particular order:

Super-simple tutorial for creating a starfish character.

pac-man ghosts / baddies tutorial.
Original link.

Official Inkscape Tutorial: Tips and Tricks.
E.g. radial placement with “Tile Clones”.

Inkscape Tutorial – Reflection.
Linked from inkscapetutorials.

Tutorial: A starfish with Inkscape.
Linked from inkscapetutorials.
Two parts.

Inkscape-tastic icons.
Linked from inkscapetutorials.

Picture -> vector drawing.
See also.
Linked from inkscapetutorials.

Creating shiny web buttons with Inkscape.
Linked from inkscapetutorials.

10 Tips For Creating Good Looking Diagrams Using Inkscape.
Linked from inkscapetutorials.

Reflecting images on surfaces with Inkscape and GIMP.
Linked from inkscapetutorials.

Tracing a Bitmap.
“… purpose is not to reproduce an exact duplicate of the
original image; nor is it intended to produce a final
product. No autotracer can do that. What is does is give
you a set of curves which you can use as a resource for
your drawing.”.
Linked from inkscapetutorials.

F10 Gears: Drawing the Gears.

F10 Gears: Colouring the Gears – Golden Gears.

F10 Gears: Colouring the Gears – Gears on Old Paper.

Creating icons with inkscape – a basic workflow.

Learning Inkscape – An Order of the Stick Avatar Guide.
Original link.
See also:
Making a female body shape with the node tool.

Inkscape, as an svg editor naturally lends itself to icon creation.

Abstract Effect using paths and markers.
Original link.

Inkscape text tricks.

Chrome text effect
Original link.

Official Inkscape Tutorial: Using the Interpolation Extension.
Inkscape tutorial.
Original link.
“Interpolate does a linear interpolation between two or
more selected paths. It basically means that it “fills
in the gaps” between the paths and transforms them
according to the number of steps given.”

Icon creation.
Requires login/registration?

A simple icon tutorial.
Original link.

Create a woodgrain effect.
Original link.

Niko Kiirala on Filters: Tutorial Two – Color Matrix.

Niko Kiirala on Filters: Tutorial One – Blend.

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