java installers and uninstallers return error 1602


I am trying to remove java 6 32 bit and install java 7 64 bit, but after initially having the uninstaller open and execute succesfully, asking me to plan a full removal after a reboot, the uninstaller did not come back, and neither does executing it again work.

I’ve tried using revouninstaller to remove the old java, which seems to be succesful, but java 7′s installer still won’t execute.

When I execute the offline installer, it asks for administrator privileges, loads up the MSI, and then vanishes. After consulting the event viewer I found these entries from MsiInstaller:

“Product: Java(TM) 7 Update 2 (64-bit) — Installation operation failed.”
“Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Java(TM) 7 Update 2 (64-bit). Product Version: 7.0.20. Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: Oracle. Installation success or error status: 1602.”

All I know is that error 1602 is supposed to mean user cancelled the installation, which leads me to believe either UAC isn’t working correctly (seems to work fine though), or there is some registry entry blocking the MSI installer (though I’ve checked manually).

Any suggestion is welcome!

Asked by Ced


Actually, on a second thought, instead of doing the reinstall, I just went on digging more in the registry.
I just searched for ‘java’ and deleted all the entries that I deemed relevant to java runtime (so not the javascript, msjava, javavm, etc) entries, and it worked!

I got java runtime 7 installed now, works like a charm.

So if anyone else runs into this, might be worth trying to dig out the registry manually!

Answered by Ced