NTFS Permissions – SYSTEM


Are there any possible side effects to removing permissions for SYSTEM on an NTFS directory? It is a non-system (user documents) folder. I know the obvious (i.e., that SYSTEM will no longer to be able to access it, duh :-) ).

My question is, are there any common side-effects this can have? I.e., common reasons on an average Windows system, that would require the SYSTEM account to have access? I’m thinking of things like Indexing Service here (although I don’t use or care about that particular service).

Asked by Unsigned


Most Windows services are running under the SYSTEM account. Windows Search Indexer, for example, runs under Local System account. If LocalSystem account cannot access your files, they will not be indexed / found via Windows Search.

There could be other side-effects, mostly related to the fact that many services (including third-party ones) are built with the assumption that user files are accessible to the system account.

So, in theory you can remove these permissions, but in practice you need a really good reason to do so.

Answered by haimg