OS X Terminal Tutorials


So, I am started to get settled into everyday life with my Mac now and want to be able to utilise the power of the terminal.

Can you provide any good tutorials or sources which will help me learn?

Thank you

Asked by Ryan Murphy


Local files

  • /usr/share/doc/bash/bashref.html – Bash Reference Manual
  • /usr/share/doc/bash/bash.htmlman bash

Guides or tutorials

Lists of commands and tips

Specific topics

Searching for help

  • If you use less to view man pages, press h to show a list of keyboard shortcuts
    • q exits less
    • b and f scroll a page backward or forward
    • / starts a search
    • p and n go to the previous or next search result
  • Add stackoverflow.com/search?q=[shell]+or+[bash]+{query} somewhere like OmniBox or Alfred
  • help <builtin>
Answered by Lri