Transcend External hard disk: continuous beeping


I have a 500GB Transcend StoreJet external HDD. The problem is it beeps for long time. When it beeps I can not access the drive. Even sometime I can, I dont see full file listing or empty folder!
It just beeps and beeps. Never stops. Sometimes removing the USB cable and attaching it again makes the sound goes away. But it does not work all time.

The hard disk has no warranty. It just expired 2-3 weeks ago.

Why is this happening? Is my drive faulty? If yes how can I fix this?

Asked by Shiplu


The reason for this continuous beep is hardware failure. Specially if the disk motor is not running or the spindle can not spin etc. The main reason for such failure is lack of power.

Putting it in the rear mother board panel will solve the problem as it will surely powered up by proper amperage on 5 volt line.

Another option is to use a USB hub which have external power supply. I have such hub. I have been using this hard drive on that hub for about 3 years. Recently I just turned off my hub and put the HDD in front panel. So the problem arose. Now its okay as I connect it again.

Answered by Shiplu